Rilasciato PowerSDR 2.1.5

Posted on July 23, 2011 in News, SDR by iz7auh

E’ stata rilasciata la versione ufficiale di PowerSDR, versione 2.1.5 essa porta numerose novità e correzione di alcuni Bug, tra i quali il fastidioso problema che ha afflitto tutti i possessori della manopola VFO FlexControl.

Per scaricare la release, collegatevi al seguente indirizzo

per visionare il PDF con le note di rilascio collegatevi all’indirizzo


Ecco il messaggio ricevuto da Greg Jurrens – K5GJ

FlexRadio is pleased to announce the new Official Release of PowerSDR(TM)
v2.1.5 is now available for immediate download from our website.

PowerSDR 2.1 adds significant feature and performance enhancements over the
prior official release to all models including the FLEX-5000A, FLEX-5000C,
FLEX-VU5K upgrades, FLEX-3000, FLEX-1500, and SDR-1000. We recommend that
all customers upgrade to v2.1.5.

The files can be downloaded at:

PowerSDR v2.1.5 Integrated Installer / Setup Suite:

PowerSDR 2.1.5 Release Notes:

While the improvements are too numerous to detail, the following is a list
of major changes since the previous official release, PowerSDR v2.0.22:

1. There is now an optional installation of the new FlexControlT driver.

Important: Please read the FlexControl Installation Errata Sheet regarding
FlexControl use with Virtual Serial Port software.

2. FM has been completely redesigned including CTCSS tones, improved
modulation/demodulation, soft limiting, FM squelch and more.

3. FM now has a dedicated Repeater Mode that allows you to set positive and
negative offsets along with the frequency offset. Split mode is no longer
needed to operate FM repeaters. For more information, refer to the KB
article How to Use FM Repeater Mode (

4. We’ve added a new and improved MEMORY form that integrates with the new
FM Repeater Mode. For more information, refer to the KB article How to Use
the Memory Form (

5. FM mode has a new mode specific control panel that allows you to select
Memory channels from the console.

6. Full duplex when receiving on VFOA when transmitting on VFOB is now
supported. Previously, full duplex was only supported when receiving on
VFOB while transmitting on VFOA. This feature is useful for SO2R on the

FLEX-5000 and satellite cross-band duplex on the FLEX-5000 with FLEX-VU5K

7. Added FLEX-5000 RX2 wave record/playback.

8. A Remove button (red X) is now provided on the Radio Chooser panel to
allow easier radio start up maintenance.

Thanks to so many of you who have continued to provide constructive feedback
during the development process. We would like to express our special
appreciation to our internal alpha/beta team for their tireless testing of
internal releases.



Greg Jurrens – K5GJ

VP, Sales and Marketing

FlexRadio Systems









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