I am Francesco GIACOIA, I born in Taranto in 1978, my Father is Giuseppe and my Mother is Maria, I studied in high school and I graduated in 1998, in my youth I had many hobbies, including music, but my passion has always been the radio, I started using radio transmitters Citizen Band , but I just wanted to be amateur radio thanks to the passion conveyed by my uncle Ernesto Lo Savio, IW7AUH, in fact for 1997, I obtained a license with the Callsign IZ7AUH.

I got married in 2006, and father of a beautiful baby boy named Giuseppe, has only a few years but I see in him a passion for this hobby! Great!

I began my career in HF with a Yaesu FT-707 and a home made 40mt dipole that agreement in all bands having some success, but I soon decided to expand my radio station and antenna system, before I installed a vertical then immediately after a 3 elements YAGI Directive 10/15/20 meters a kenwood TS-140 and after few month a kenwood TS-870, as in all the hobby brings you the passion
to frequent changes, I managed to get a radio station with very high performance antennas, in 2006 I installed a Directive Optibeam OB9-5 with ICOM-756-Pro2, in 2008 I replaced the radio with an ICOM IC-7800 and the antenna with a Dynamic 4 Elements 6/20mt Ultrabeam, in 2009 a change ICOM IC-7800 with a ICOM IC-7600 and FlexRadio System FLEX-3000.

In May 2010 I obtained a license with the U.S. Extra Class AK1CQ (vanity call) and I am a volunteer examiner for ARRL (ARRL-VE).

In the work I deal with trade retail, I own a small family business, which deals with the sale of military items, military clothing, embroidery also for amateur radio (T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats with callsign) www.giacoia.it

I prefer HF activity SSB, CW and Digital modes, with some friend, IZ7LDC, IZ7FLP, IW7EBA and other I make few activity for IOTA, IIA and DCI.

I am a Vice President of ARI Taranto SectionI7DQX, Antonio Quaranta” , and a Puglia Coordinator for ARMI Associazione Radioamatori¬† Marinai Italiani

This is some information about my activity:

  • Activation for Italian Castle Award: DCI Honour Roll Activator active more 30 ref. … info about DCI on web site of ARI Mondov√¨: http://www.dcia.it
  • Activation for I.I.A.: IZ7AUH/P (more than 20 IIA islands) for different ref. IOTA (EU-073 – EU-091,EU-025,EU-031)
  • Team of: IC8M Licosa Isl. EU-031 (IOTA Contest 2004);
  • IR8C/7 S.Andrea Isl. EU-091 (IOTA Contest 2005);
  • IQ8OM/7 S.Andrea Isl. EU-091 (IOTA Contest 2008);
  • IJ7/IZ7AUH ARI TARANTO DX-PEDITION San Pietro Isl. IOTA-EU073 / IIA-TA002 / DCI-TA038 (2002)
  • IJ7/IZ7AUH San Paolo Isl. IOTA-EU073 / IIA-TA001 / DCI-TA037 (2006) http://www.strangeradioteam.com/ij7
  • IR7C Contest Callsign QSL via IZ7AUH
  • II7ANT & IR7ANT A.A.W. Callsign QSL via IZ7AUH
  • IP7IPY International Polar Year 2007-2009 QSL via IZ7AUH
  • IY7GM Centenary Nobel Prize for Physics of Guglielmo Marconi QSL via IZ7AUH
  • II7IGPR Submarine Prini (2010)
  • IA7MM 150th Anniversary of Italian Navy (2011)
  • T70DXC DXCoffee Birthday in San Marino (2011)