DX-Italia ARRL VE Team can accept requests to open new exams, it is possible to request an examination session by filling out the form “Suggest a Session. ” DX-Italia ARRL VE Team will consider the proposal and will cater to the market employees have consistently taken earlier.

Recall also that:

1. it is desirable to have at least 8-10 persons nominated.

2. You must have a place well equipped with desks, chairs, etc.. to meet each candidate.

3. If possible it is good to have a photocopier for ID, if you can not equip us with a scanner.

4. If possible we would need a computer connected to the internet, otherwise we’ll bring a laptop.

5. registration procedures for the session (sull’ARRL-VEC program) requires a minimum of 45 days. Recall that, in accordance with the provisions dell’ARRL-VEC program, we are committed to the publication of the session on the site dell’ARRL. E ‘can choose whether the examination shall be admitted only those who have pre-registered, or is open to anyone.

6. the entire course of the examination usually takes 3 / 4 hours, considering the post-examination procedures.

Thank you for your attention, we remain at your disposal.