The exams are run by volunteers working under the supervision of the “United States Federal Communications Commission.” In these pages you will publish the next dates of examination sessions, usually held in conjunction with the Meeting, or Convetion Exhibition of amateur radio. E ‘desirable that the parties concerned to provide for a pre-registration in order to facilitate our work, the pre-registration will be active only after the publication date on this site and place.

Recall that:

1. And ‘You should carry a valid identity document (identity card, passport, driving license).

2. If present, bring along the original and a photocopy of FCC license already obtained, and any Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) “that you received during previous sessions. Photocopies will not be returned.

3. Candidates already in possession of FCC Amateur license are required to provide your FRN and the names already assigned. Such data are essential to proceed with the possible advancement of the license can be found on the certificate sent by the FCC. For any case it is advisable to bring along on the day of the examination, all the documents in total.

4. The payment of the “Exam Fee” be made in cash, to know the exact amount of the contribution request to the Contact Person.

5. It ‘should bring two pencils and two pens with rubber.

6. Candidates are not allowed to use a computer programmed with formulas of any kind. It is not permitted to use any phone model instead of the calculator.

7. To complete the forms, please note that the First Name is the proper name, while the Last Name is the name, the dates are written in U.S. format with the first month, then the next day and finally the year.

8. is not strictly necessary to provide an address immediately the U.S., who does not get it is requested to leave the spaces blank and ask the VE Team on the day of the exam.

Thank you.