Welcome to IZ7AUH Remote HF Station in Taranto, Italy JN80PL

There have been several operators using my remote who are working DX stations as if they were using their own radio, with no reference to my station as a remote.  This is unacceptable.  If you work a DX station, when giving your call sign, you MUST give credit to this station by adding one of the following:

  1. “via IZ7AUH Remote”
  2. I7/your call
  3. your call/I7


It is my opinion that it is not fair to the DX station, to think you are operating direct from your own station, NOR is it fair to me for providing you with this remote station.  If I hear you working DX stations without giving credit for this remote, I will remove your transmit privileges.    IZ7AUH

NOTE:: The use of this remote station is governed by Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico Dipartimento delle Telecomunicazioni and your CEPT License.

 If your Country License is not listed then you are not permitted to Transmit. Listed CEPT Countries 

Our Band Plane is ITALY Band Plane

 You must have uploaded your CEPT equivalent Amateur License to the Remotehams Server to obtain TX privileges 

 You must also Email iz7auh(@)gmail.com so I am aware that you have uploaded your License.

I reserve the right to shut the remote down at any time without warning  eg abuse , storms / lighting , repairs, maintenance, contests, emergencies or general use . any issues or problems please email me .

 Those wishing to use the remote PLEASE use your allocated Valid Call sign not some nickname ( DXHUNTER or QROBUSTER) those who use nick names will be deleted and repeat offenders banned we know your IP address.

Anyone found in Breach of the Normal Amateur Radio Operators Code will be Banned

A Donation will allow you to become a Club Member with TX. No donation no TX and non supporting Club Members  will now ONLY get 10 Seconds of connection time to this Remote

When making a Donation please Include your Callsign

 Donations will be gratefully accepted thank you :


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